What if I’m not happy with the results?

We always want you to be happy. If you’re not satisfied, please contact support@selectevents.io and we’ll redo the search for you for free.

Can I change or cancel my request?

Yes. You can cancel or change you request within the first 30 minutes of submitting it.

Can I communicate with my research analyst if my research needs change?

Yes, of course. We don’t expect you to only be interested in one topic. We will find conferences for you on various topics, and treat each research engagement as a separate project.

Can I share my personalized conference list?

Yes, you can share your list of conferences. However, we ask that you do not share the list publicly or outside your organization. We will soon be adding a feature that enables your team to vote on the best-fit conferences.

Do research requests need to be limited to the United States?

No, we can find events anywhere in the world. However, if the research requires language skills other than English, we will need to scope it as a special project.

How are relevant conferences selected?

Our analysts uses their industry-specific expertise to recognize valuable events based on your criteria

Is there any limit to the extent of the research request?

Our analysts will research relevant conference events in blocks of five hours. Since they use AI-powered tools and are trained in advanced research methods for finding events they are remarkably efficient and productive

How much does the service cost?

We charge by blocks of 5 hours for a single request, or offer a monthly subscription. The monthly subscription offers daily access to our database. You can find our pricing list here.

How soon can I expect my conference list?

You will receive your conference list within 24 hours of paying for a five-hour project. Longer projects may require that we deliver the list in several installments over the course of 48 hours.

What kind of events do your researchers find?

Our research analysts can look for any type of event, conference, workshop that has a public web page.

Why should I use SelectEvents to help me find events?

SelectEvents is an effective way to find the events most relevant and worthy of your time, including events that your own colleagues may not have thought to be relevant.

Who is SelectEvents for?

SelectEvents is dedicated to help professionals find relevant events- conferences, workshops, etc.- to expand their network, and generate new business opportunities.